• Intense therapy sessions and education in a holistic and inclusive manner.
  • Therapy sessions with the service user and family to motivate client and their family to participate in an inclusive intervention   programme.
  • Comprehensive assessment and appropriate feedback.
  • Controlled after-care and self-help support groups.
  • Substance abuse awareness and information to service user and family.
  • Employee assistance programs

This is done by:

  • Screening and a full assessment of the service user is done by our dedicated social workers. The service user may be referred (if necessary) for a medical and psychiatric assessment.
  • Family and/or loved ones affected are briefed of the service user’s individual development plan.
  • The service user can be referred to an inpatient government funded rehabilitation centre if necessary.
  • Therapy sessions are a minimum of 6 sessions for the service user and family sessions consist of a minimum of 3 sessions.
  • Guidance on dealing with service user who resist assistance and support is also covered.
  • Monitoring and evaluating service user progress is important to determine the success of the program. Drug tests are therefore conducted on a regular basis. Negative results (indicating no trace of drugs) serve as an enormous source of encouragement for service users, their families and our team.


Youth Program

KADC is fully committed to creating a drug-free environment in which young people can enjoy their freedom, develop intellectually, socially, economically, emotionally, spiritually and physically, and go on to live a responsible, constructive and fulfilling life.

The effects of substance abuse can have a devastating impact on the lives of young people and, for this reason, KADC works very hard at encouraging young South Africans to refrain from abusing substances. Our primary purpose through the Youth Substance Abuse Prevention and Awareness Program is to prevent substance abuse amongst youth and to promote alternative, healthy and constructive lifestyles.


We render the following services to youth:

  • Information and Awareness Sessions.
  • A more in-depth Prevention Programme incorporating a drug education and awareness session, life skills training sessions and a range of sports and recreational activities as alternatives to substance abuse and other risky behaviour.
  • Learners who present a substance abuse problem are assessed and referred for counselling or treatment.
  • Holiday programmes that are conducted on an ad hoc basis and in conjunction with other non-profit organisations and government departments.
  • After school Programmes.
  • Outdoor Adventure Activities.
  • Support groups for youth and families.
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